Obama Gives His Support for Joseph Lieberman

November 18, 2008 by  
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Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

The nominee of US Vice Presidential, Joseph Lieberman, won the vote that allow him to keep his chairmanship as a chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and member of the Democratic caucus. But it might be not so easy and he might be not so lucky without the implicit backing of Barack Obama.

Regardless of what he already did during Obama campaign for the US presidential election, by openly questioned Obama’s patriotism, Obama still want to help Lieberman. By doing this, Obama will get point or benefit in order to get every vote that he needs from the senate, and Lieberman can be an asset for obama because he already owes from him.

Actually what Obama did is not a big surprise for us. If we look back for his meeting with McCain in Chicago, this is already a sign that he wants to build cooperation than the opposite.

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