Iran Won’t Return US Drone

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Captured US Drone Being Showcased

Captured US Drone Being Showcased

A United States drone was captured by Iran is now owned by the Islamic Republic, Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said Tuesday, rejecting a request by U.S. President Barack Obama for his return.

“The drone of American espionage is now owned by Iran and our country will decide what to do about it,” Vahidi was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

“Rather than apologize to the Iranian nation, it (the U.S.) is shamelessly asking the drone back,” Vahidi also said, according to another news agency, Mehr. Iran ”will not back down to defend the nation or its interests,” said Vahidi.

Obama acknowledged Monday that Iran was the reconnaissance drone - a bat-winged RQ-170 Sentinel - “. We asked for it backWe’ll see how the Iranians respond.” By saying,

Iran last week appears on state television what he said was the drone. A member said that the Islamic Republic was unlocking thedevice software and the drone would reverseengineer.

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